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Art_Portrait-2Hello.  My name is Art Fried.  As a small business owner for over 33 years, I have experienced the highs and lows, of what can be a turbulent business climate and understand the varying degrees of success and failures of new business ventures. As an entrepreneur, if I seemed to be doing well, I always thought I would have access to the money I needed to ensure business growth.  I was wrong. On paper it often looked like the money was there, but in reality – money was tied up in accounts receivables, inventory and production.  Often, I waited 30, 60 or 90 days to collect payments from clients, but really needed the funds more readily. Frequently I found myself struggling to make payroll, pay my vendors, and buy necessary equipment. At times I even found myself having to turn away business, lacking the available cash flow to sustain it.


Not having the capital where and when I needed it drastically limited my chances of success.


Having limited cash flow options forced me to turn to using my personal credit accounts to fund my business.  This was a recipe for disaster. Using personal funds to finance my business vision left me in a very precarious position. I was in essence, playing a game of Russian roulette with my financial security. My credit score plummeted from over-use. My savings were tied up in my business. One wrong move and I could have lost everything, including my home.


It was at that moment that I came to a realization. The single defining element that distinguished my successful businesses from those that failed was having available capital. If I had the funds available when needed most business flourished. Likewise, when the money was not coming in, business suffered.


Did you know that the Small Business Administration reported that only 50% of small businesses survive their first year of operation, due to lack of proper funding? It gets worse. By the tenth year, between 80 and 90% will have failed. It’s true, and I’ve seen it happen.


How can you ensure that your business does not fall prey to this same statistic?


Secure business credit and available cash flow. It is the smartest move you can make as an entrepreneur.  You may think that you are not quite ready to take this step of increasing your cash flow and credit availability. Don’t!


Why?  As a small business owner, planning ahead is key. By starting the process now, you will have the money available when you need it.


I founded Plug-Into-Cash because like you, I owned several businesses, and I wanted them to succeed. Once I realized that my success revolved around whether I could secure available capital, I set about locating different lending sources. Now, as the owner of Plug-Into-Cash, I’m in a position to help others achieve the same success.


Although Plug-Into-Cash originally stemmed from my experience as a small business owner, I realized that individuals could benefit from my experience as well. After all, cash flow is not just a concern of business owners; it is something that individuals and families struggle with on a daily basis, because business owners are people too.


Plug-Into-Cash will provide you with a safety net your BANK is NOT OFFERING in these hard economic times!!


Are you worried that you will come up short, and not have sufficient funds in hand to pay your vendors on time and avoid penalties or late fees?  Can you make next week’s payroll? Is your lack of available funds limiting your marketing initiatives and preventing growth?  In today’s market, these problems are becoming more and more prevalent. Today, many companies no matter their size are overwhelmed by their operating expenses while trying to generate more business.


Small businesses are finding it more and more difficult to obtain financing because they are unable to secure funding and approval for standard small business loans or business lines of credit and are most adversely affected by the lending crunch.


At Plug-Into-Cash, we are dedicated to finding creative solutions that meet our customer’s needs.  We are a New York based company dedicated to helping people and organizations succeed.  We assist businesses increase growth and profit margins by providing solutions to improve daily cash flow. Cash Today Is Worth More Than Cash Tomorrow.


Let Us Help You Obtain a Steady Source of Needed Capital.

Plug-Into-Cash… All We Do Is Make you Money!!!




[Plug-Into-Cash is a division of Get Funded Today, Inc.]