Synagogue and Church Financing

The fact is, that while banks try to meet the financial needs of the religious community- they can only offer regular commercial loans to organizations that have non-regular, non-commercial needs. The reality is that although they are businesses, religious congregations just don’t operate like corporations!


With hundreds of thousands of religious congregations in the U.S., it’s no surprise that there are sectors of the financial community that have emerged- trying to meet the specific financial needs of the spiritual community.Although each congregation is undoubtedly unique in their practice and method, their community objectives remain remarkably similar:

  • Land acquisition for future expansion
  • New Constructions
  • Expanding or renovating existing houses of worship
  • Schools & Playgrounds
  • Family Life Centers
  • Sports and social facilities


Plug-Into-Cash has relationships with funders that focus exclusively on meeting the unique financial needs of today’s religious organizations. From small needs to large (and we do mean large), our team has got what it takes to help a synagogue or church and its congregation achieve their developmental objectives and flourish.


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