Small Business Administration Loans

Plug-Into-Cash can make it happen!


Often, traditional banking solutions are unavailable to those businesses that need them the most –If this statement applies to you, then you’ve come to the right place! Plenty of good businesses have legitimate capital needs – but just can’t qualify for bank loans under strict post-meltdown underwriting criteria.


S.B.A. Loans are alive and well…. if you’ve got the know-how to put it all together. Plug-Into-Cash’s preferred SBA lender is not a bank, so we are not limited by nor bound to restrictive bank regulations!


This means underwriters can focus less on regulatory compliance and more on loans that make good business sense.


Plug-Into-Cash is committed to providing you with this simple service; we will:

  1. De-mystify the entire S.B.A. process and formulate the best approach for you and your business
  2. Help you prepare your loan application package
  3. Submit your package directly to lenders.


Contact us today to get more information. Your business loan could be right around the corner waiting for you!