How a Merchant Cash Advance works…

An Example:

Let’s say you have a restaurant.  Your restaurant needs $20,000 for remodeling, and the business qualifies for a $20,000 Merchant Cash Advance to cover all the associated costs.


The process:

To get this money, your restaurant would sell the Funder the right to receive a specific amount of your future credit card sales.  For this illustration, let’s say $20,000.  So the business sells $24,500 worth of its future credit card sales to receive the $20,000 needed right now.  The entire amount is paid back by having a small amount of each credit card transaction designated to pay back the advance.


The $4,500 difference between what the Funder pays your business and the amount of future credit card sales it purchases could be less than the cost of getting a traditional loan if you consider all the possible costs associated with a loan, including appraisals, surveys, underwriting, title insurance, brokerage and attorney fees.


The main benefit to a cash advance is that you generally do not have to sign personally, it takes a fraction of the time and paperwork and many small businesses will be approved for financing that would not be considered for a ‘bank loan’.




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