Multi-Family & Commercial Real Estate Loans…

Are you a Multi-family Investor with financing that was put into place prior to the banking crisis?


Perhaps you looking to get into the HOT multifamily market and need some help with how to put together the right financing options?


Whatever your multifamily investment experience, Plug-Into-Cash has the in-house experience to assist in obtaining the right financing package for your specific set of needs.


Over time, we have assembled and developed direct relationships with some of the top multifamily and commercial lenders. We often see good loan opportunities being passed up on by banks.


Let us have a look at your situation and present some options. We are confident in our ability to deliver the right options to meet your needs, at very competitive rates and terms.


Our funding partners are closing hundreds of millions of multifamily loans per year, rates have NEVER been better, so let’s see what we can do together.





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