Accounts Receivable Funding…

The Intelligent Alternative!


Are you in a situation where business is booming, sales are skyrocketing, but still, there is no money to fill orders make payroll or cover your own basic business operating expenses?


Maintaining adequate cash on hand is a constant challenge for most businesses. Sales alone do not measure the cash flow health of a company. While sales may be increasing, you still have to find a way to pay your expenses while waiting for payment for your goods and services.


Now is the time to put the power back into your own hands!  Plug-Into-Cash can obtain and coordinate funding for your company’s commercial accounts receivables and purchase orders.


No more waiting for payment. Your accounts receivables will be purchased outright, providing you with immediate cash. You can eliminate the headaches of collections, accounting, and monthly statements.


How would you like to have a “line of credit” that grows as your business grows without ever establishing a penny of debt?


What would it be like for you to run your business as if all of your customers pay C.O.D. while giving them the terms they want and need? How much time and energy would you save by letting somebody else handle your accounts receivables?


How does Account Receivable Funding work?  The process is a simple one. At Plug-Into-Cash, we will review your submitted invoices and will locate an appropriate funder who will buy your accounts receivables. You will then receive up to 60-90% of the invoice amount, and funding takes place within 24-48 hours. When the customer remits payment of the invoice, the remaining balance minus a nominal servicing fee is forwarded back to you.


This Is Not A Loan. There is no bank financing required, nor interest to pay. Funding is not based on your company’s ability to repay the amount advanced. Instead, this type of funding is based on the ability of your customers to pay what is owed for the purchase of your goods or services.


Increase Your Available Cash On Hand. There is no limit to the amount of funding that you can obtain. Accounts receivable funding may be your key to creating a solid dependable cash flow while giving you the opportunity to expand your business without accumulating debt.


It really is that simple!  We will tailor our services to your industry and, more importantly, your company.


Cash Today Is Worth More Than Cash Tomorrow!


Accounts Receivable Funding, Purchase Order and Contract Financing allow you to better manage your business with increased cash flow, while you retain complete control and ownership of your company… and get the cash you need, when you need it!


In order to maintain a profitable business it is imperative to have a steady cash flow. A steady source of working capital allows you the ability to:

  • Provide exceptional service to your clients
  • Distribute payroll in a timely manner
  • Make timely tax payments
  • Expand your advertising and marketing
  • Pay vendors on time and improve your credit rating
  • Take advantage of early payment discounts
  • Increase your profit margin
  • No more waiting for payment


Increased Working Capital Without The Headaches… The Benefits Are Obvious!


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