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Welcome to Plug-Into-Cash.com!  We are your funding mavens.  Over the years, we’ve helped our customers reach success by providing cash flow to help build ventures.  As an entrepreneur, you may think you have access to the money you need to build your dreams – but you may find yourself stuck when you need cash the most! On paper, the money may seem like it’s there. But in reality, it’s tied up. Your clients can take 30, 60, and even 90 days to pay, but you need the money immediately in order to make payroll, pay vendors and buy supplies and equipment.  At times you may find yourself turning away business opportunities because you don’t have available funds. Having the capital when you need it can drastically increase your success!


We are here to help you navigate the process of obtaining reliable funding.  At Plug-Into-Cash we offer personalized service, not just a voice on the telephone at a call center. Don’t get lost like a file in a pile on a desk. Talk to a knowledgeable, understanding professional with the ability and contacts to fund your projects. In addition to entrepreneurial funding, we also provide lawsuit funding for individuals and attorneys. Contact us to discuss your needs and let us help you find the best solution.


Why work with Plug-Into-Cash as opposed to going directly to your bank or direct funder?  

  1. Your Bank and local direct lenders can only sell you what they offer – We, at Plug-Into-Cash, are not bound by those same limitations. We have unlimited sources and can offer you solutions that fit your existing needs NOW!
  2. As brokers, we understand the system, and can obtain needed funds rapidly.
  3. We have access to funding sources that meet your current needs.
  4. We know the Funder’s and their areas of expertise depending on the particular situations and circumstances.
  5. We will take the hassle and mystery out of the lending process and keep you informed.
  6. Banks require extensive documentation, business plans and applications fees. We don’t!
  7. We can often provide approved funding within 72 hours. Your bank cannot and will not!



At Plug-Into-Cash We Cut Through the Hype.  We provide the facts and answer all of your questions in ways that are easy to understand.


Never An Application Fee.  We don’t charge any fees for us to begin our research. We will first meet and discuss if we are a good fit to work together. If we can provide you the funding you need, we get your easy application process going.  NEVER AN APPLICATION FEE!


Solid Reputation.  Over the years, Plug-Into-Cash has helped hundreds of people find solutions to their funding dilemmas. Our reputation and years of experience is our greatest asset. We can help get you the funding you need today!


Communication.  We work closely with you to demystify the lending process and steps involved in getting you the money you need.  We help make this a stress-free process; from our first discussion to getting the cash you need into your hands.


Discover “Time Value Of Money!” Get Cash Today!!!